Use contents of a group in a workflow

I have a group that has a bunch of other groups and text elements inside of it. I have it setup to copy the contents of the group to a clipboard using the copy to clipboard plugin which works great. I was hoping to offer the option to email the contents too, but in workflows I can’t use the contents of a group, and there’s far too many sub items to use them individually. Anyone have a good workaround to essentially access the content of a group to use within a workflow?


So i’m guessing that you’re trying to use “text” in a workflow. And you’re not able to select that “text” in the workflow.

The solution? Make a copy that’s not “Text”!

You can put a hidden input field that has an initial value of The text you want to reference
And then in the workflow you can use that input field.

(You could use group States which might be more “clean”, but that’s more complicated to explain over text.)

Let me know if those hidden input fields with their default value being the text you want works for you! It’s a quick easy fix!

Edit: (I read again and you say that it’s just the amount of groups that is the problem.)
You could chain them together to create just one to reference at the bottom.
input 1’s value + input 2’s value = input 3 value
input 3’s value + input 4’s value = input 5 value.

Then at the end you can just reference one input in the workflow because it contains the contents of all the previous ones as well. Anywhoo - - Hope this helps!

Yeah, so the problem becomes the reason for the number of subgroups and texts are lots of conditionals for each, and they get updated in real time regularly by user input, so have had not great luck using initial values on input fields in that scenario. Its interesting because the clipboard feature works perfectly, only copies currently visible pieces and adds nothing extra. Been trying to figure out like a paste essentially into something, then could perform the copy in the workflow and then either paste into a hidden input and use or into a custom state.


You’ve got a tough problem. My mind goes to using JavaScript to select all text in a div, exactly what the copy button javascript is doing.

I did a few quick searches and there’s nothing simple to share. Hope you get this solved!

yeah, I think that’s the route too but can’t figure out how to pass data from the javascript step to the next workflow step.

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