Use Dynamic Image URL in Repeating Group

Hi guys, I would like to create a repeating group which displays a list of user uploaded images.

We plan on handling a lot of images so currently all images are Amazon S3 URL’s which are stored in a list of text for each user.

How do I allow the repeating group too accept these Amazon S3 image URL’s as actual images.

The Amazon S3 URL’s currently work fine on standard image elements using the dynamic image input, however when it comes to using this list of text in repeating groups it doesn’t seem to work.

Anyone know how to fix this? Feel free to ask as many questions as you need. Would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,

  • Tom

It shouldn’t be any different in a RG than anywhere else…

As long as you provide an valid URL for the image source, it should display just fine.

Maybe share some screenshots of your current setup so someone can spot the issue.


If I use “Current Users, ProfilePicture’s :item#1” the first image does show but if I remove this, no images show, i’m sure it’s a simple fix I am probably just stupid :joy:

An image element can only show a single image…

So the Image source must be the valid URL of a single image.

(if you enter a list of text, as you’ve done in the picture, then that will just be a coma separated list of all the URLs… which is NOT a valid URL, so no image will be displayed.

To display an image, you need to enter a single URL from the list of texts (as you’ve already noted).

If you want to display multiple Images then you’ll need to use a RG for that.

The image element is inside the repeating group, my thoughts would be the image would repeat downwards, using the next URL in the list of text (URL’s) until their are no more image URL’s to be displayed

No… that’s not how it works…

Your RG is for Users… So the RG will repeat for each User in the defined list of Users.

But each User has a list of images (a list of texts).

So you need to use another RG (of type Text) to repeat the list of texts for each User, and set each text as the source of an image element.

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This could also be of type image.

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Fixed mate, thank you so much!

Switched RG’s “type of content” too “text” w/ Data source as “CurrentUsers ProfilePicture’s” then set the image inside the RG too “Current Cell’s Text” & now works like a charm!

Think where I went wrong is I wasn’t aware I was repeating over the list of users when I just wanted to repeat over info inside the current user.

Thanks again mate! :smiley: