Use ID Attribute within HTML Header

Is there a way to use the ID Attribute within the HTML header (image below)? If so how would one go about accessing the value within the html header?

Why I’m doing this: I’m trying to implement dynamic SEO with my short pretty urls, which I’m hoping I can hack together using the html header section. Unfortunately, Bubble only gives me three options (image below) currenly, all of which don’t allow me to obtain the info I need for SEO purposes, and since I don’t use the typical readable URL that bubble recognizes, I can’t use the dynamic data I need unless they give me operations like “Do a search for”, “this url: extract with regex”, etc, hopefully, they can add that in, I’ve seen screenshots of it being options before, for some reason they removed it. I work full-time on the project and really hope this is something that will be changed in the near future, really don’t want to have to code it just for SEO purposes lol



There is a reason why we only show these 3 options. We need this to be calculated extremely quickly, and a search may not be fast enough. But you can find a way to store the data you need in the current page thing and then you’re fine.

Is there a way I can change the data on the current page (for the main group since it has no data source option to begin with, image below), would I use a workflow for that on page load? I can pick the type of content (img below), but it’ll be empty since there’s only an option for a readable url, and as I mentioned, I use a pretty url system so I’m not using Bubble’s typical readable url. Could you put an option in Bubble for someone like me, basically “this url” “using regex” in the seo options? I don’t need to do a search, just need to be able to take from the url and then use regex. If you do that then anyone using regex can create a really unique url system.


Check the @copilot Browser plugin

No that doesn’t help with what I need to do unforuantly.

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