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Use "List of Things"

Trying to update a list of things based on the value of a different thing. Specific:

Table 1: Calendar
Table 2: Users

For each user that has an entry in the calendar, check if todays date is within the data range set out of office field to yes.

So User “Tom” has an entry in the calendar that is saying out of office from 1/10/22 to 1/15/22 and today is 1/11/22 which means Tom is out of the office… set his out of office field to “yes”. When the workflow runs on 1/16/22 Tom will no longer be out of the office and his out of office field will be set to “no”.

Would appreciate suggestions about how to go about this best.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @steven9 welcome to the community!

Quite some leg work needed for this functionality to work:

  • logic to manage calendar entries (scrud - search/create/read/update/delete)
  • logic to check the conditioning features that you describe
  • logic to schedule future workflows

Best way would be to break them into smaller pieces. Once you are there it may be easier on folks here to provide more granular suggestions :smiley:

Great resources to get going with Bubble logic:

Thanks @cmarchan, I got no problems with the calendar, 100 percent working, scheduling workflows is not an issue but for some reason I am really struggling searching one table to then update another table’s value. I broke it down in several smaller steps and still can’t get it to work.

Youll be better of setting it as a state instead of trying to run it as a function every time the page loads.