Use of reusables and performance

Hi @emmanuel

To make my app as efficient as possible, I try to lighten the workflow, but I need to be sure to understand how Bubble works as for reusables used in the same page: what would be the best solution, in terms of performance, between the 2 following options:

Option A
The page of my app contains 2 twin groups.
The page also contains a reusable popup, called by a button inside the groups.
Th elements inside each group, trigger the same actions in the worflow, so each event in the workflow is duplicated but only 1 popup is needed, since it can be shared by the 2 groups.


Option B
I replace the 2 twin groups by a reusable group, placed twice in the page.
The reusable popup is here included in the reusable group, and not directly in the page.
Therefore, it reduces the number of events in the worflow but will the reusable popup linked to the reusable group be loaded twice and then cost more in performance to the page?


Option B is better, because no, we don’t load the workflow definitions twice.