User belongs to multiple clubs

Hi guys i have an issue:

In my app, a player can belong to multiple football clubs, per example:
A player belong to a profissional club and belongs to an amateur club (neighborhood club).

But i want that in the profissional club only show the goal that this player have in this club.

What is happening now, if a club change the number of goals that the player have, the same number of goals will be in every club that he belongs, and i want to separate that.

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How are you saving the goals for that user?

You probably need a new data type. Something like this:


  • User
  • Goal
  • Club

I am not 100% sure of your needs here, but something like this should work. Does this idea make sense? Let me know.

I hope that helps. :blush:

Thank you so much, it worked!

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Awesome :clap: Glad that helped. :raised_hands: