User cannot send a link

My user in the preview wants to send a link in a post… But once published the link do not appear in the post

What should I do for the link appear in the post?
Many thanks.

Check the database, see if the data is correct in the database.

If it’s correct, Check the element, make it way bigger maybe it’s being cut off.

Hi Jobs!
Sorry, I’m a very begginer. What should it say in the data base?
Many thanks.

Where the post is published? In a repeating group? What elements are inside the repeating group to show the links (Video or Link or Text Element).

And as @jobs said extend the size of the cell of repeating group. Maybe it’s in there but because of the size of cell (row/column) in repeating group hiding the element.

@jobs said to check your database where the link is saved. And from where you are trying to display the data in your repeating group

Many thanks @jobs and @kazimdgoni .

It sounds like you found a workaround. Please share here to help others with similar situation.

Good luck to you. :heart:

Well. It seemed it was space in the posts card the problem.
Now it does appear.

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