User can't fill out info

When my user creates an account on my app, he is then redirected to a page where he/she has to fill out his personal data.
His account is supposed to be created on the payment service provider’s end and then on my app.
But right now, his account IS created (I have the email address) but I don’t have his info neither on the PSP’s end (not even his email address) nor on Bubble.
I have tried with a friend’s computer and what I see is that it takes a looong moment and the “temporary bug” pop up shows up.
The weird thing is that it does work on our 3 computers (two macs and an PC that we haven’t opened in like a year) , both on the PSP’s end and Bubble.
I have filed a bug report but maybe it has happened to someone here and you know what to do ?
It is quite an emergency because my app can’t work without users creating an account and the activity is big on weekends especially before Xmas.
By the way, happy December every one, I wish happiness to all of you and your families :hugs:
Thanks and hope you can help !
Ps: sorry for potential English mistakes, I’m French :slight_smile:

Ok so it was my fault.
Capture d’écran 2020-12-05 à 16.52.04
Before it was current user’s nationality. As there was a default value in my DB I thought it would be ok.
Now that I corrected it it seems to be working …
Hope it will work in the long run

Nope. Still bugging.
Please help :sob:

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