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User Controlled Interfaces

Is anyone working on a platform where the user can control and interact with the interface?

Example -we create a dashboard of marketing campaigns and display them as cards. The cards contain 5-6 KPI indicators in campaigns and click on the card and you get the full details of the campaign. BUT, we would like for the User to say “You know what - those 5-6 KPI’s are not what we use, let me swap 2 or 3 of them out for 2-3 that are relevant”

In essence, the User controls the information in the Cards on the dashboard. I am thinking the way to do this is to set up a series of dropdowns, let the user select a dropdow and then the txt field in the Card would reflect the content from the dropdown thereby allowing the user to customize the Cards for their needs.

Anyone try anything like this?

Hi @chris43
Something like that should probably be achievable with the right use of custom states - you could ex. keep the selectedKPIs list on each card and then update this list using ex. dropdown like you said.

The only thing that I would watch for is the positioning of these KPI indicator elements - it will probably be better to stack them vertically rather than horizontally because you could just switch the “this element is visible” property based on custom state and collapse these elements’ height when hidden, whereas collapsing elements width is a bit tricker and would require some custom workarounds.

Stacking is a great idea - totally stealing that. We are also exploring the design of the cards to make them look more inviting. Sometimes they are a little boring. Have been trying to figure out how to deliver a masonry structure in Repeating Groups with Cards so that the User is not limited to the structure of the Card. But then they have to be able to add more than 5-6 elements onto a card and the card dynamically stretch (maybe scrolling). There is an old forum topic from 2016 (lol - 5 years is “old”) that shows how to do the Pinterest masonry structure - might try that. It still does not overcome how one Card might have 10 elements and another have only 5. I am thinking I start them all with 10 and they are only visible if they have content that is not empty.

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