User-created buttons

I am creating a lab inventory app in which I will have an admin create an account, and the admin will add users to their group that can manipulate the inventory. I would like the admin to be able to create different inventory buttons based on the amenities that they have in their lab (some labs may have a -80C and -20C freezer while other labs may only have a -20C freezer). How do I go about employing this functionality? Below is a sample of the “main page” I have for my app, that displays the currently pre-defined buttons and their inventory lists.

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I suggest your db structure:

Data type1: Lab
Data type2: storage type
Data type3: storage (fields: lab, storage type)
Data type4: stored item
Data type5: inventory transaction (fields: storage, stored item, qty)

Then you can play with forms for inventory transaction (add items to storage, move items from one to other storage, issue items from storage)

For report:
List inventory transaction
Inventory report (by storage, lab, item, etc)

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Thanks! I’ll try some of these suggestions.

I have another question as well. I have been struggling with ways to securely upload information that goes directly into the database. It would be nice for the user to be able to link with a specific Google Sheet or upload the files directly. Do you know of a way to do this (without paying for the monthly plan that allows import of CSV files?

Hi, sorry i have no experience with upload directly into db

but actually i am not convenient with such a way since we can not have record for who should be responsible (user) for the data recorded