User Created with Empty Email (Custom Google Auth Provider)

I created my own Google authentication provider because I needed additional scopes. I’m using it for the initial sign-up for my app in place of the standard Google auth provider. It works in that a user is created in the DB, but there is no email address associated with them.

I suspect it’s because I don’t know what to put in the User email key path field when configuring the API in the plugin. The response to the auth request contains an emails field which is a list of objects instead of a single email field. Specifically, it looks as follows:

  "kind": "plus#person",
  "etag": "\"_Ek1oAZn65JmcnNnmHdEAQHHVETIOPYaxtVLqkPFs5Kz6XVEgoYVZVI\"",
  "emails": [
      "value": "",
      "type": "account"
  "objectType": "person",
  "id": "114590126374859375140",
  "displayName": ""
  [...more stuff here...]

What exactly should be put in the User email key path field in order to reference a list item? IOW, how do I get Bubble to “pick up” the email address?

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