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I’m building a social media and chat app. It will have other features such as leveling and customization. My problem comes with the element I call a Usercard. It is a box that everyone see that will display their details like name, username, profile picture and so on. But I want to make it so they can customize the parts of the Usercard like the background, font, and Profile picture border along with a decoration they can put on top of it. How do I go about this? P. S. The background needs to be able to be both an image or a flat color.

You can store the user’s customizations on the Usercard in the database. For example, font color, background color, profile image, border image etc. Then you can bind these values to the visual elements using dynamic expressions.

For example, with the images, you set the dynamic image property to the value stored in the database.

For some properties, such as font/font color, you may have to remove the existing Style from the element to have control over binding the styling properties.

You can also conditionally show/hide elements or set properties on those elements via the Conditional tab of the Property Editor.

Please let me know if this helps or if you require further clarification.

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Thank you! Fast response!

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