User data being erased or forgotten mid app use

I’ve been suffering a really weird bug. I have some lists on the user table that I use all over the app. However, daily, new lists are created. I changed the app to organize these lists references in a single table Daily Deliveries. Every day, it is reset and the references is the tasks the user shall do daily should be inserted again.

The weird about it is: I’m facing data gone missing. I create a new Daily, I insert time, lists and user and save it to the user. I save the tasks in the lists. Then, out of nowhere, the data is gone. The link is no longer done in user, the database has all the lists but it’s not in the user anymore.
As far as I’ve measured it take about a second for me to add a task to the Daily object and it shows up then disappears. The Daily object is set up in the page load and never more.

Has anyone faced this? Is there a data limit that can be added to user object/DB?

After days suffering, I found the reason. There was a flag “make new data types private by default” that was making the data don’t be saved. Unflagged, deleted privacy tiles didn’t know that existed, all working now. I think we need better documentation on this privacy areas and configuration, bubble people.

Found out about it in the debug mode.

I’ll let this here in case anyone else suffer from this.

The Bubble team is aware the manual and reference documentation could be improved. That said, It’s improved a ton since the early days and you will still find very valuable information in those areas. Definitely worth reading up on the sections related to the Privacy panel that already exist:

I posted a reply recently that gives a visual example of how I’m using Privacy Roles in one of my apps, it may assist you in understanding this area of Bubble: [security issue?] Hide fields data from web source code - #6 by philip

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Thanks Phillip, will definitely take a look.

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