User detail page: only visible for certain users

I have a slight challenge here.

I have these users:
1, type=coach, company=A
2, type=coach, company=B
3, type=client, company=A, unique id = X
4, type =client, company=b, unique id = Y

Let’s say there is a user page for user number 3, with all his details. This page has the unique id of user 3 in its URL.
Now the challenge: only user 3 and 1 may view this these details.

I think I have to make two conditions, but I don’t know how to make them, or how to make an OR statement.
The conditions would be something like this:
Show data when:
-Get URL from userID = current user’s unique ID (this is so that user 3 can see his own data)
-If current user type = client AND current user’s company = Get URL from user ID’s company (this is so that user 1 can see it).

the first one is quite simple:

but how do I add the second one as an OR statement?