User does not receive e-mail to do first login in app

One of my intended users does not receive the mail with the magic login link. When I look it up in Sendgrid, it is marked as NOT DELIVERED, and when I view the details, it says that the users mail server blocked it.
I need this user to explore the app. What can I do for her to log in anyway? When she is logged in once, she can then set her own password.

By the way if someone has a solution for the Sendgrid problem, I am eager to know. Already created a support ticket, but I am afraid they will point to the receiver’s mail server as being at fault.

You’re answering your own question. The user’s server is blocking the email, not much you can do about that, especially when you’re using the standard Sendgrid integration.

Make a step to Postmark, there are plugins availible. Free for 100 emails ( Postmark Pricing and Free Trial (

Then create a workflow like this, and select “Just make token” or “Just create link” (depends on the action) and use them in the next step of your workflow (Result of step 1)

Thanks, will try.