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User email address

How do we get the email address to be displayed in the header after user log in

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Text element displaying current users’ email, on page load its invisible, condition is when current user is logged in this element is visible.

On page load, I have the email, password input and log in button. But once those are filled out and the log in button pressed how do they become replaced with the email address and a drop down with some options.

When current user isn’t logged in make text (holding user email) invisable, when user is logged in make text visible. It will automaticlly appear when user logs in

This should help

Thank You! :slight_smile: You’re awesome!

your welcome

Hey hi again. I’m really new to this and I have a few quick general questions that you could may be help me with.

  1. Is it that you have to create a new page for everything and then connect them through the workflow system?

  2. Is it that you have to create a standard account for each user from scratch or there’s a template to do that?

Reusable elements are a very good option.