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User Favourite Method No Login

I have a mobile app created that displays a list of attractions, restaurants, etc.
There is no sign in required to use the app.

Users can favourite (or favorite!) locations which are then displayed in a separate list.

This works by adding the attraction ID to a state list AND adding the ID to a (list) attribute for the User.

This all works and there is the ability to remove items in the reverse way.

On page load I have an action that loads the User favs list into the relevant state.

My issue is that although this works, even when a user closes the app HOWEVER when a user comes back to the app a day or so later the favourites have disappeared.

Is this an issue due to the users not needing to sign in or is it something to do with cookies or something with the app design?

Hello @myholidayguide welcome back to the forum!

Please note that custom states are temporary values on the page. If you loaded custom states and refresh after you lose that data.

Anything you want to be stored permanently should go to the database.

Hi and thanks for the response.
I am aware states are temporary (like RAM) which is why the favourites are also saved to a User attribute in the database.
However as Users don’t need to login I don’t know if Bubble creates a User anyway (using the phone/computer IP address?) or if the action to add to a User list attribute just doesn’t do anything as the User isn’t signed in.

When I look at the live database of users I can only see users who have signed in (this is required for the admin side of the app).


Please note that Bubble stores data saved to the unregistered (not logged in) user object for up to 36 hours

Ok. I didn’t know that so that is useful to know. So to make a favourite list ‘sticky’ I will need to get users to login thus enabling me to save a favs list to the user favs attribute.

Is there the option to use cookies? I guess I need to be wary of GDPR issues.