User filtering by related apointment

Hi Guys,
this is my first post so, as you can imagine, I’m a Bubble’s NOOB xD

I hope my question will find an answer.

I need to create a dropdown selector and a repeating list of USERS that exclude the USERS that have in the same time range (date and hour range) another appointment.

I did the database in this way:
USER (table name)
-Appointment (List of Appointments field linking the table called APPOINTMENT)

-Start date (field date/hours)
-End Date (field date/hours)
-User (field linking the table called USER)

I would like to filter, in a repeating group and a dropdown list every user that doesn’t have an appointment in a date range made by 2 date/hour input.

PS: Also, I would like also to be able, in a recurring group made by this appointment, use an Icon to be able to set the appointment USER to “UNASSIGNED USER” (that is a premade USER in my table)

Thank you very much!!!


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