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User frameworks


I’m wondering if anyone can point me to information on approaching an interesting user framework.

Part 1.
Basic and standard set of information which forms the backbone of an employee profile.
Enables a user to browse a facebook style organogram which is mastered by an input file from HR on an ad-hoc basis.

Part 2.
The ability to register and ‘augment’ the backbone user data with preferences, a picture.

A profile page is made up of a combination of HR mastered data, and user mastered data.

A not logged in user can see any profile, but would need to log in to ‘fill in the blanks’ / set preferences.

A rough idea on how to achieve this would be really helpful.


I think you can achieve this by defining the profile data in the “User” thing (just add fields for photo, address etc). Through the privacy tab, you define a role that is HR that gives access to certain fields, and a role that is the user itself that has access to other fields. And then everyone else can only see names and photos.

I cannot figure out a clever way of showing an organogram though - probably needs more thinking :slight_smile:

Not quite there yet, but assuming I’ll build an organogram view by having ‘Manager ID’ as a field against a user record :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input Soeren!