User generated data


I am looking for help to build a simple app where user can upload photos for the traffic violation.

Below functionalities should be available.

  1. User can take a live Geo tagged picture/video and upload it to the site. I don’t want user to upload photos/videos which is stored on mobile or computer.

By default it should ask for enabling GPS if user has turned it off.

  1. When user take photo/video

a list of photos/videos shall display on right side,which is based on the location where

User taken photo. User shall have the option to link to the existing photo/video to avoid duplication.

3.Uploaded images shall be sent to the list of people based on the predefined list which in turn based on location. For example to the corresponding traffic police station / officer.

All images/video should be watermarked with our app name.

I need your advice on this . Which no code platform is best to use? Or any other information which help us to create this app which will help people a lot.

Thanks and regards,

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