User ID (File manager)


I have some questions of the User ID in the File manager

  1. I have a public page with a few things, a picture uploader, some inputs, and a button. When someone uploads a file (in the picture uploader), it appears as no_user, and if the user (not user yet) fills the inputs and click the button that creates the account (with the picture uploader’s value as the user profile image), will the User ID in the File manager change to the user's unique ID or will it remain as no user?

  2. If Q1 is yes, if the user is deleted, will it change again to no user?

  3. If Q1 is no, the only way to have the user’s unique ID in the User ID is if the user is logged in?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :computer:

Hey @hacker,

Not sure I 100% understand the question but I will do my best to explain.

If a person (no way to associate user to data) uploads an image it will come up as no attached user. If that user then creates an account it will still remain as no attached user.

The file manager attaches a user on upload, the only way you could associate a user after the fact is to create some sort of data type, then call it once the user has a account. Theoretically this wouldn’t be very hard though I’m not sure of your exact use case so it may not suffice.

Let me know if you need any further assistance, if you go in to further depth about the use case We can hopefully assist more.

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