User inbound process (save a thing)


My user inbound process was designed taking in consideration if the user is logged in or logged out.


Let’s say i have a marketplace for doctors and im browsing the website without an account created. I found a doctors profile that i like and want to contact him. In order to do so i have to be logged in. If the user is logged out, the contact button will trigger the signup popup.

The thing i want to achieve is to save the current doctors profile, and then at the end of the signup process, redirect the new user to that same spot where the user needed to signup.

How can i achieve this?

One of the simple ways you could do this is to send URL parameter to the Sign Up page (or multiple pages if it is a process)

Then once the Sign Up is complete and the URL parameter’s value is not empty -> navigate to Profile Page (send data get from URL parameter)

You can also save data on a User who is not logged in and then save it to their account when they do Sign In, but this would probably be using more workflows and saving of information then you need for this specific scenario

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Will try this! Thank you!

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