User Information is Blank after Login

Hmmm… I can sign up a user. The users table is populated with the user and the uniqueID.
This is populated by the email confirmation back to the index page. The user then logs on. I know that part is working as if I type an incorrect password it rejects it. Get the password correct in the log the user on action and it returns a blank record from the database. The unique ID is different too. This has never happened to me before, so interested to see if anyone else has had this issue?
This means of course that subsequent workflows fail, e.g. email verified, user status = “Active”, etc as nothing is present in the user record.

Thank you very much,

No idea what was going on here, so created my own random string I send via email and validate it when the user signs up. Doing the same thing, but I like it a little more as feels somewhat more secure (although probably isn’t) :slight_smile:

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