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User Input Value is not Inherited

I’m trying to come up with a coupon system whereby users would input a valid coupon name within our database in exchange for points to be used.

My “Check Value” isn’t inheriting the equivalent coupon value entered. For example, “Xx” would equate to 10, and “Test” would award the user 15 points.

Why is the value not being referenced by the group?

click on the number 10 or 15 and take screenshot for the property editor (the black dialog)

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Hi there, @LittleBubbler… it never hurts to check privacy rules in a case like this one. Do you have any rules in place on the Coupon data type that could be getting in the way of the search?


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Thank you for pointing this out. After re-checking what you’ve said - I’ve managed to get the result I needed.

Thank you for the kind reminder. Privacy rules are okay. Name & Credit (the value of the coupon) are enabled for User. This is also true for “Find this in searches”.

The above issue has been solved, but I’m running into another problem. The default value for my “Check Value” is 10, even when the input field is empty.

I use the condition “Claimed Coupon” is “no” and “Check Value” is not empty for the workflow to run. However, if “Check Value” is 10, then the second condition has already been bypassed. To counter this, I made the input field “This input should not be empty” so that the user wouldn’t be able to claim an empty coupon.

I’d like to understand why my “Check Value” is set to 10. Is it because the Data source for Group Enter Code “Search for Coupons” has the attribute first item?

Without the “first item”, it returns me a list - which is not what I need. Is there a way for me to fix this?

I don’t understand what this workflow is for. However, If you have added the condition that appears in the first image it should work correctly, also you should not have checked “Ignor empty constraints”

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