User is free to add more fields

hello, I’m creating a form, in the socio input, user is free to add more socio

when he clicks the button it adds more input, more field for him to fill

does anyone know how to do this?

Yes, I have done this before. You can create one data type that has all the possibilities. Then just show the specific inputs for the type that the user chooses. So each time you create just the same datatype, you are just letting them choose which inputs.

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Hope that helps! :blush:

I’m making a form where there is a phone and partner field, I want the user to have the freedom to add more phone or partner.

I would like when he clicked on more he appeared on low more inputs.

tem como fazer isso ?

@leoporti2010 try this:

  1. Add a repeating group where you want your inputs to be displayed. Set it to 1 row, 1 column
  2. Put both inputs in the cell, along with a “+” icon (or whatever icon you want. It can also be a ‘Add’ text if you’d like)
  3. Set workflows so that when the “+” icon is clicked, you add a Thing

Here is the demo:
And the editor:

Hope that helps


Thank you for your help.

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