User issue fake name

I had a user put fake name and fake phone number on a order.
But the order went through, so card info is correct. What to do re orders like this?
What could I have done to make sure that name, etc. is real? Or how about how to lock this email from logging in again?

name: 1, lname: 1 phone: 1

Not much you can really do…

“freedom of speech” haha.

If I want to signup here with the name biggleboop jenkins, what are they going to do? As long as my payment info is correct, and I’m not breaking any ‘terms or agreements’ what’s hurting you?

If you want people to use their real name, just imply it in the terms of service, and let them know it’s against the rules maybe? IDK. Even if they still put a fake name, not much you can do unless you’re like a “physical” type application where you see your users in person, then things would be different.

Thank you, got it.
Just was surprised that my Stripe plugin and Stripe do not require a valid name. No zip code nothing other than card.

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