User level sort a list


To think on the WU, any other way to sort the list in the User’s data type? (Founder is a list of items)


What is the question?

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The “sorted by” doesn’t work in this way, compared to the “Search for”?

What do you mean it doesn’t work?

The list is not sorted by the Modified date in this case.

User data type has a data filed list of items, another data table (founder), how to sort the list and no to use the Search for method due to the WU?

If it’s not sorting correctly, then the likely cause is privacy rules, so check those first.

Privacy is good. Are you sure the list in the data type is posible to sort with sorted by: feature?


Yes, of course it’s possible (you can sort any list)…

If it’s not privacy rules, then I’ve got no idea why it’s not working.

But the debugger should show you exactly what;'s going on, so check that.

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What an irony… :smiley:


Having two Modifed date fields, one as default from Bubble, and another custom, when linked data type is modified in relation to the item on the list… I forgot about it -.- Thanks @adamhholmes Great work as usual! :pray:

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