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If you please look to the top right of my app, I am facing an issue with the stacking of elements on the page, where other elements obstruct my user menu focus group.

The Focus Group is part of the Top Bar which is a Reusable Element floating above the page.

Below that, the obstructing element is the Reverse Repeating Group that’s inside a Floating Group for the purpose of chat.

Now what’s particularly strange is that the menu falls in between RG and the the Group that contains the RG and is used to hold the background picture. By all means the menu should be completely below or completely above either way, but not sandwiched in between?

I’ve tried a couple of things in vain. Moving the top bar to the top, the focus group to the top, moving the chat floating group to the bottom, the group and RG to the bottom… Nothing yields.

Any help?

(To be honest I still don’t understand why elements are not moving in the element tree when moving elements up or down—super confusing.)

Try stacking all of your elements vertically. Bubble does not care how long your app gets in the editor and this helps avoid those types of problems because you control the visibility vertically. Make sure to check the box collapse when hidden to all of them, add set them to be visible conditionally.

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Hi, I do no understand what you mean by stacking elements vertically.

My header reusable element is as follows:

Here the page in question, where red is a floating group for chat (bottom) and top is the floating header reusable element:

How should I vertically stack? Please elaborate thank you.

Thanks for clarifying.

I do not see how this applies to my header (and the focus group therein) clashing with my chat floating group.

By virtue of being floating groups, these two groups cannot be stacked, can they?

Just to be clear, what I’m trying to achieve is preventing the strange overlap (or rather sandwiching) of my focus group menu in between the elements of the chat floating group.

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