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User not being logged in

Hello! I created a web version and a mobile version of the same app. Both are on the same app (mobile is one page, and web is multiple pages).

Occasionally, on the mobile app, when trying to log in, the user is not logged in. We know this because we added some indicators to the button (as you can see in the images).
1.- When the workflow is initiated, the button says “logging in”.
2.- When the user is successfully logged in, the button says “logged in”.
3.- After this, the page changes, and everything works fine.

However, we have some users that are stuck on the logging-in step, we know this is not because of any condition because it varies from user, and 2 out of 3 times it works perfectly, but some others are just stuck on the logging-in step.

We were wondering if this has something to do with the browser or the device? Because it is more frequent to some persons (not users) but people actually testing it. For me it has never happened, to another colleague it happens randomly and to others it is almost always. We test different users. Capacity maybe?

What could be causing this workflow of logging the user in not to work?

Thanks in advance!

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