User Page building?

Hello! I was wondering if it’s possible to make a feature where users can make pages themselves. Is this possible, if so how could I go about doing this? ALSO, is it possible to add subtle animations in my app? For example, someone scrolls and it animates an element.


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If by page you mean being able to build an app that enables you to add sections and elements. Sort of like a form builder … the answer is yes. If so, you can explore how form builders are built in Bubble. There are some templates in the marketplace.

Also if you want to check out this mvp which I built that has a form builder it might spark some ideas.

Do you know any specific plugins. If so what’s the name of them. Thanks!

Airdev Canvas Starter template, it contains blocks of contents, customizable. You can create as many blocks as you want, of any type, and order them and even activate/deactivate them. They are then displayed using a RG.

Can this be done in my own app? Is it some type of plugin?

Check out >