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I was looking to create a user-permission system where administrative users could see certain elements and normal users without any administrative roles could not (such as text inputs to post announcements). Please let me know if anyone knows anything about this so that I can improve my project.

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Hi there, @kevinb… I do what you have described by using an option set to define the different roles, a field on the User data type that is tied to the option set and in which a user’s role is stored, and conditionals on pages, groups, elements, and workflows that key off of a user’s role to show certain things and enable certain functionality. I’m sure there are other ways to do it, but the way I have described hasn’t failed me yet.

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Thanks, Mike! I will try your method and see how it works out.

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@kevinb you can complement @mikeloc great suggestion with creating option sets for bubble pages names and a list of the user roles (that you can add there for those pages where a user role will be allowed to see). Then create a flow on page load that checks if a user role is contained for that page’s name. Place this flow inside a reusable header (so that you can use the page name operator and also to run this flow in all pages). You could also add it a yes/no field for pages being private or not. This way if a page is private the flow looks for what roles are contained for that page. If it is not private then the flow does not need to check for any user roles to let anybody see a page. This is good for logged out pages of course.

Hope this complements your design :+1:t2:


@cmarchan Thank you for the help!!

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