User profile details changing

Hi there,

I am trying to build something and I am stuck in a place. I would really appreciate if any body help me out.
what happened is Every time when I create a proposal and i am sending you the proposal for the first time and you don’t have account in app basically your account will get created with the information I’m giving on the proposal form.

Ok then again if I want to send you a second proposal and I’m filing the same proposal form but here instead of your name XYZ I am giving your full name ABCXYZ.
So what is happening here in my app is the name changing from your profile from XYZ to ABCXYZ. Which is not a good thing

And again if I send you any proposal and I have given the name ABCXYZ and that proposal will send to you. Now if you are changing your name in your profile from “ABCXYZ” to “AXY” then also it changes the name from the proposal which I already sent you

Firstly… why do you keep changing the name of the person you’re sending the proposal to?

Secondly, if you can’t be consistent with the name, you’ll need to have some consistent, unique value that never changes that you can use to identify the User/potential User.

It seems like the email address would be the best candidate here.

As a user sending propsal i will write client name xyz. but if the client is changing his name from his dashboard lets say from xyz to abc and it is changing from everywhere. even from the proposal already sent

Fair enough…

In that case, as I said, you can’t use the name as the unique identifier (if the User can change their name), so use the email address…

Although, sure only a registered User can change their name?..

So why not just use the actual User datatype instead of trying to match names and emails addresses?

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