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I am unable to upload parent group creator profile picture.

Hey @iwillsendumemes :wave:

Hope we can help out a bit. :blush:

Are you using the image uploader or are you just trying to display the image?

First thing I would check is:

Make sure that the parent group has a data source. Maybe share a screen shot of the data source and your workflow.

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So whenever i try to change my profile pic here it changes in the header tab but it doesnt change in the first screenshot i mentioned near the rejections box

This is the workflow for the Picture Uploader button

On the image that isn’t working. Is the parent group set up correctly? You might need to check the source.

Are you expecting to view your own profile image or someone else’s profile image?

Maybe take a screenshot of your privacy settings. It might be because that.

Hope we can figure this out for you. :blush:

the user who post the rejection his image would be seen ! Sharing with u the privacy settings.

Its like twitter whoever posts the tweet his image is also visible along with the tweet for example.
I might be doing some minor mistake but please help

Ok, it doesn’t look like privacy will be the issue. You have most fields visible.

What is the data source for the parent group of the image that is not showing up?

DATA Source is Parent’s Group Rejections Creator’s Profile Pic

Right, good. So can you share a screenshot of the parent group’s data source. That might help a bit.

Otherwise, you can share your editor and we can see if we can take a look. Just make sure it’s view only access. :blush:

This is the data source sir, and please let me know how i can share the editor

Cool, now, the parent group’s data source. Which is the group that the image element is inside. You can right click on the element and choose ‘Select first parent’ which will take you to the group.

To share the editor you can go to Settings > General

Change this to everyone can view. Then send your editor’s URL to us and we will be able to check it out for you. :blush:

Make sure there is nothing confidential there.

Parents group data source is rejections here

Hey @iwillsendumemes :wave:

That’s the same image as before. Maybe you uploaded the wrong one? :man_shrugging:

So Sorry ! This the screenshot. Please check !

So, that looks good. What about that group’s parent?

You might need to share a video of the process using the step-by-step and make sure all of the data is being saved. Then use the inspect tool to see why the image is empty.

It’s really hard to tell just from pictures what might be wrong. :blush:

Hello Jacob. So i ran the inspect and it turns out it shows empty in the data source even when i have entered the data source. Screenshots attached.

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Hey @iwillsendumemes

Awesome. When you click on the blue text that says empty, what does that look like? Whenever it’s blue, that means you can look at the details of it. :blush:

Let me know what it says with screenshot or screen recording.


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