[User research] When did your app become a "real thing" for you?

As part of our qualitative user research, we’re curious about one’s journey on Bubble.

A (hopefully fun!) question for all of you. At the very beginning, you start with an idea and begin building it on Bubble. Our hypothesis is that at some point, assuming the project keeps going, it becomes more “real” (possible synonym: “serious”).

What were the signs of your app becoming a “real thing” for you? Or, if you’re still in the very early stages, what do you think will be the sign that your app has become a “real thing”?

I’m intentionally keeping “real” vague, in case people define it differently. And if you don’t think this question is relevant for your journey, I’d be curious to hear why!


first paying customer


My user urgently wanting me to fix something because their day couldn’t go on without the app. And me getting up on midnight to do it :laughing:

That’s when I knew I had something in my hands.


Once I cover the costs associated with keeping it alive. If the cost of Bubble, domain expenses, Sendgrid, etc are covered by the revenue of the app, it’s “real” enough to keep it up. I try to get to that point as quickly as possible.


When I got over the bubble learning curve and was confident in my ability to build what my idea was.

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