User Roles & Repeating Group

Hello, I need your help, I want to set up a repeating group of a data type, except that depending on the users and their permissions, the data in this repeating group changes.

For example :
User 1 can see data 1
User 2 can see data 2
User 3 can see data 3
User 4 can see data 123

Thanks for your help!

The privacy rules would be your best friend here.

If you configure your privacy rules properly, you wouldn’t need to do any filtering whatsoever in your RG.

Would also dramatically help you with your WU usage

EDIT: you also need to check out how to add constraints in a search

In the Privacy rules tutorials, they show me how to mask a field according to the role, but my users can see all the fields, but not all the data. Is this also in the privacy rules?

thanks for your help.