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Hello all,

I am trying to figure out how bubble does it in the back-end to know that a user with the same email has already signed-up using that same email?

I have a marketplace app in development and I am trying to replicate this with the company store form - I want to know if the store already exists, how do I go about detecting if the store with the same name and/or general_email_store address already exist in the App Data.

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So bubble does a check which in english is “If there’s a user with that same email, don’t allow them to make an account”

And you can do the same thing with code for your uses:

Lets say you’re creating a store:
They input “7/11” as the store name.
When they click the button you should have a workflow that adds that store IF (do a search for store, whose name = input name, is equal to 0)

If it is not equal to 0 there’s already a store with that name. (Then you should inform the user with another workflow displaying text or a message that they need to fix it or whatever.)

Hope this helps!

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Thanks jobs!
I’ll check it out.
Much appreciated. I will report back with the solution soon, … I hope! :slight_smile:

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