User Signup Workflow

The app I am creating is to be a paid niche directory. Users only have access to said directory if they have an account, my concern is they will sign up and then just head straight to the directory and I’ll end up with a bunch of empty users. How do I create a signup process that forces them to fill out at LEAST the minimum required info before they have access to the site?

It seems like states wont work considering if they leave its gone. More like it would be a data field that is yes or no upon completion of a form? Any advice?

You could decide to create the user account only after they have provided all informations (in each mandatory input field, check the “should not be empty” box).

Or, if you want to have a multi-steps signup form, you should have your paid-data hidden under some privacy rule like the following :

Here , the object will be accessible (from server side, which means it is secured) only to users who have the field NOT empty. (in the example, the field is “company”)

Then, on your data page, you should display some alert message to the user if he has not filled his data. A simple alert box, or a group with a text that displays based on a condition.

UPDATE : keep the expression as short as possible in the privacy rule, because this will be run each single time a user makes a querry, so it can slow down your app.

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