User Testing Strategy

I’ve yet to publish anything to the marketplace, and I’m curious if there’s a way to somehow allow installation of a plugin by only certain users as sort of a private beta. In lieu of that, can a plugin be released initially for free as a public beta and then later assigned a price?

Obviously, internal testing would be done, but it would be good to get it in the hands of actual users to get feedback before an official release. Just curious how others have been handling this.


Say whuh? Mine says just “app” (singular). So you’re saying a plugin can be selectively installed in apps under other users’ accounts?

Well heck, that should work then. Thanks, @keith. (Guess I need to re-read the docs.) :neutral_face:

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Right! That’s how you do.

… all you need them to tell you is the name of the app to install in and then give that app permissions (fill in that field and click Authorize).