User to User data approval on submission

I am trying to add a more detailed step to my app where Users interact with each other by approving another user’s data - several data points are being submitted to the database and need to be verified by another user who was with them before they are officially in the database itself.

I am trying to make it so that when User A presses ‘SUBMIT’, a notification is sent to User B, where they open a page on their member profile and click approve, which then submits the data to the database for User A. There would need to be a search for user (ID number, first or last) for User A to select User B and then click submit - the submission page is ready to without approval but I want to add this step.

Are there any existing plugins that do this already or would it need to be built from scratch - I have tried to find info on anything similar but alas, not come across anything!

Any guidance would be great as I cannot get my head around the workflow for some reason.


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Hi there, @phil.hutchins91… if I understand your post correctly, a solution could be as simple as adding an approved flag (i.e., a field of type yes/no) to the data type where you are storing the submitted data. If it was me, I likely wouldn’t try to deal with the concept of whether or not data is “officially” in the database. I would simply submit the data when the submit button is clicked, and I would use the approved flag to determine how the data is accessed/displayed.

To clarify a bit more, you could give the user the ability to search for and select another user on the submission page (note that you would have to make sure your privacy rules allow for this functionality). So, let’s use your example where User A selects User B to approve the data. When the submit button is clicked, you would create a thing in the data type, and that thing would have User B as its approver (which would be a field of type User), and its approved flag would be set to no (which could be the default for that field so you don’t even have to set it to no upon submission). With that set up in place, you could have a repeating group that shows unapproved things to a user where they are the approver. Finally, when User B approves the data for User A, you set the approved flag on that thing to yes, and you do something to let User A know the data has been approved.

Anyway, I hope I have understood your post correctly, and I hope this response helps you get down a good path.