User Unique ID Missing - privacy issue?

Hi. On user signup I trigger an email confirmation mail (via manual step after the “Sign the user up” step) with a link that includes the current user’s unique ID. Seems to work nearly all the time but sometimes the link that gets sent out has no unique ID so the user clicks it, gets my “email confirmed” screen but my database never records a confirmation and they can’t login.

Hard to track because in my Database I can see there is a unique ID for these guys, a few have emailed me but I’m sure I have lost users quietly in the background. I can see a bunch that have not confirmed emails but it is possible they just didn’t bother. I’m holding off emailing them in case it comes across pushy. But I will. I will also bcc myself on the confirmation emails so I can spot it ‘live’ when it happens.

This works most of the time, hard to see a pattern but possibly limited to a portion of users that signup via the Android app (users can access via Android or iOS apps or browser version). I can’t replicate it myself on my Android so it is tricky but I wonder is there some privacy wrinkle or what is going on?

Sorry I know my data here is a bit scant but hopefully the info above is clear. All help appreciated!


Hi @stevoster

I don’t think a UniqueID can disappear from the database unless it is deleted during a specific process. I suggest that you take a Bubble plan sufficient to be able to consult the history between the time of its first connection and its warning email. You’ll figure it out.

Thanks John. I’m on the personal plan at the minute, can’t justify upgrading to professional just yet.

I don’t think it is deleting the unique ID given what you say above, but I wonder is it possible that there is some lag in creating the unique ID or is it possible that some sessions can start and the unique ID just doesn’t get created?

My steps are pretty simple (when user hits ‘signup’ I run the ‘sign user up’ standard step, then I create an email which contains the link text with the added “current user’s unique ID”). I can’t see any reason why this unique ID would be blank for some users.