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User who is already logged in on wordpress

OK… I’m an absolute newb and I can’t believe how powerful bubble is as an app builder. AMAZING!

One particular problem I’d like help solving is how I can keep a user who has logged in on another site through wordpress logged in to that same account when they come over to my bubble app.

The use case is:

We’ve built a real estate search site using wordpress and are using bubble to create a real estate valuation tool. Our search site includes a log in that uses the Wordpress user system. It will have a link to the valuation tool and we would like to know the wordpress_ID for anyone who is currently logged in through the search site - ideally whether they have come directly from that site or if they are logged in (perpetual log in) but come from some other channel.

Does anyone have experience with this sort of problem?

If this is in the documentation somewhere, you can just point me to it - although, I have to say, that while the overall bubble experience has been super positive, the documentation and learning tools have been a major weakness… possibly because i’m so new to software development

@michael.nurse - Don’t think it’s possible. Websites drop a cookie to keep you logged in. As far as I know it wouldn’t be possible to share that cookie between two websites.

And if you think about it… it wouldn’t be very secure either.