Username sign up

When I signed up it went through but when my friends signed up their username never went through any ideas to why. I will put a picture below .

For bugs like this, I’d recommend looking at your logs to see what actually happened. Then, once you think you know, perhaps try the same thing yourself but with ?debug_mode=true so that you can walk-through the interactions live to confirm the bug.

Best of luck!

I will try that right now thank you

Are you converting the username to an email on signup?

Bubble needs an email.

no on login they will use their email, the username will be seen at the top of the next page when they login

Is there a way if possible you can take a look at it for me, is that possible?

Sorry, completely misread the question.

You will need to store the chosen username on signup.

Share your editor and will have a look.

Looking at the image above, it doesn’t look like you’re actually saving the username when the user signs up. In the step for “Sign the User Up,” you need to do “Change another field.” Then, set the username = Input Username’s Value (or whatever that specific text input field is called in your app)

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