Users are synchronized on two dev version of our app, why?


I have two dev version : the usual /version-test/ and another /version-deep-development/

Users are synchronized between both versions. Meaning one user created on a branch is created on the other one.

Do you know why, and do you know how to unlink the two versions ?

It is probably linked to the other topic I created here.

Thank you very much !


You only have 2 databases… one for you live app, and one for your dev apps… all dev versions share the same database.

As explained in the Bubble manual: Version Control - Bubble Docs

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Very clear, thank you Adam ! Does it explain the issue on this other topic ?

No, I can’t explain that… that shouldn’t be happening, and is not something I’ve ever experienced…

It could be a bug, or it could have something to do with your dynamic path (I don’t know why it should, but you never know)… have you tried using just the website home URL (without any additional paths) to see if it works ok for the home page? Then at least you’d know if the issue was somehow related to the data you’re adding to the path.

In any case, if it’s still not working I’d suggest contacting Bubble support on this one.

I will try that, thanks ! :slight_smile:

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