Users Can’t Login Sometimes

I created a account for users to test out a project I have been making but for some reason some people tell me that the login information is wrong. Users can login the first time but when they log out and re login they cant login.

@wcturner7 Check the sign up workflow to ensure email and password are saved to the right fields and there are no other workflows changing login information. If the setup looks correct, please submit a bug report

The email input is set as email and the password input is set as password.

I can get screenshots if you want

A bug report will help here

Try this… Go to your Settings - General and uncheck - Activate two-factor authentication if it is checked. I had this issue as well.

Hope this helps

Two factor is not checked because when I login it works but other people can’t.

Please let us know when resolved.

Well I’m using the basic workflow like when a user signs up, it will show there account name in the repeatedly group.

Can anyone please test this out? I seem to be having the same issues as @wcturner7 Sign Up then logout and try login back in

Thanks in advance…

Yours won’t let me sign up at all. Giving me an error everytime I try.

Thanks much for trying… Are you using a valid email address?

I was not at first, but I did it again and am having no issues. I signed up, created an account, did the whole profile thing, logged out, then logged back in successfully.

Thanks and much appreciated… I’m still confused why some folks are having trouble signing up, head scratcher.

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