Users cannot login

I have a problem where users can log in once, but if the user tries to log in later they cannot. When they attempt to log in the blue bar goes across the top of the page, but nothing else happens. If the wrong password is entered the wrong password notification appears as it should. We’ve tried changing the password yet experience the same behavior.

HELP!!! :slight_smile:

Hi @gnelson ;

Probably the solution to the problem is very simple, but there is no data on how to set up the workflow or predict what is causing problems.

1- You can take screenshots from workflows
2 - You can edit the application as everyone can view and share the application link
3 - Or you can detail what steps you follow in the workflow

Hi @eren

I submitted a bug report for this because this had been working for a year now with never an issue. I have since figured out the issue which is strange.

Users have assigned user levels that controls what they have access to. When logging in users are directed to a page based on their user levels. In this case I discovered a user with level <= 3 couldn’t log in. Any other level could. So then I found levels <3 could, and levels = three could. For some reason the <= evaluation stopped working.

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Sorry, I thought you were a new user without looking at your profile.

I hope they will find a solution within a short time.

Dude, did you manage to solve this problem? The exact same thing is happening to me! And I don’t even get a warning when entering the wrong password. The exact same thing is happening to me!