Users cannot register upon Sign Up on Live Mode

Hi guys, I am fairly new to bubble and I have trouble on live mode where users can’t click the Register button and cannot register an account, yet on my end, I can. I also tried to register using a different email on another device (my laptop, I am using my PC for development) with different IP(I never logged in this account/dev account on my laptop), but I was able to. All users that tested the live version cannot register or so and also, I tried to look up the App Data tab if they were able to make one but unfortunately, they really cannot. They report they cannot “click” the “Register” button or nothing happens after clicking the “Register” button. Am I missing something?

Here is the live mode:

Thank you so much guys.

You’ve got a conditional on your ‘Register’ button set so that if the password is more than 6 characters the button is not clickable.

Meaning it will only work (and I just checked it) if the password is less than 6 characters long.

If someone enters a password longer than 6 characters (as most people would) then the button can’t be clicked.

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Oh thank you so much for checking it out… I completely missed and swapped out greater than and less than on the condition, such trivial thing… thank you very much!

No problem, it’s an easy mistake to make :slight_smile:

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