User's information: adding, editing and displaying

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Haven’t found similar question with the search box.

I have added several fields to the users database (experience level, location, name, status, image).

I have made a PROFILE page which allows user’s to edit their profile data. It uses text input, dropdowns and image uploader.

Once the workflow has updated all the elements via “make change to current user”, I have a “show alert” and then “scroll to header”.

I’d like to have the input elements to store the data and allow the user to change the data directly on these input elements. When I tried doing it directly on the input elements, each time I opened a different page and then reopened the PROFILE page, they would reset.

To overcome this I have added a group with text elements and an image element displaying data from database. Nonetheless I would prefer the inputs to show the data from database, and be able to edit directly (then pressing button).

Much appreciated.

Use binding

Never had such a satisfying 2 word answer. Got 4 words for you: Thank you very much.

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