Users name shows up when logged in on web but not native

So, I have an app running on superview for some native functions. It points to a specific page called “main” (if that’s relevant).

in my editor I have a text element that displays the user’s “handle” (username)

As you can see, this works fine on the web:


But on mobile, nothing shows up.


Not sure what I am missing.

Looks like it could be a responsiveness issue.

Check to see if you grouped the user name with the group below showing the input field and the button. Perhaps set maximum width as well.

Does that help?

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Nope. I can literally drag a text element out select dynamic data and pick “current user’s handle”. Still won’t show up. If it was a responsiveness issue, that handle would disapear when the width gets close to the mobile phone’s width, which it doesn’t.

I just ended up using jasonelle…I don’t understand why superview is so inconsistent in how it works for me but I guess not for everyone else.

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