User's personal account with a list of orders

Good afternoon! We need help with creating a website and a user’s personal account in it. This is not an online store, but a service that provides a service. The goal is to simplify and systematize our work with the client and his interaction with us. I know that Bubble has plugins that allow me to do this, but there is no way to try them to understand how they work and whether they have the functions I need.
Next, I will describe the client’s actions as I imagine it, so that you have an idea of what I need and can give feedback about this possibility:

Registration of the client on the website, login to the personal account, creating an order, selecting order parameters (then the client sees each of his orders in the form of a list with a description of the parameters selected by him). The administrator should be able to see all the information on the order and change the status of readiness.

That is definitely possible to create in Bubble.

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