Users to edit what they search

I’m wanting to let users to be able to edit there search. So when they would search a name, I would like for them to be able to edit it when it appears in the repeating group. But am confused how I would do that. Any help would be greatly appreciated

What have you tried so far? What part are you getting stuck at?

I’m either wanting the person Who searches up a name can change it:

Either when the search has been made and the results come up, he can change it in the repeating group. ( if that’s possible ).


When a warrant is created through a pop up, it can change it that way.

I’m wanting to know the best way for me to be able to do this and if this is possible. Any help will be appreciated.

Sure, either option is perfectly possible. I guess I’m asking which part are you getting stuck at? What have you already tried that isn’t working, etc.

Are you looking for someone to build it for you? For someone to tell you step by step how to do it? I’m just not quite sure what your actual question is.

I am stuck at how to format / values for it and how to get it started. What I’m really asking is how you do it. I’m fine with you either send instructions or if you have time you can do it for me.
I would like it to where they can change it in the search page that I have set up. To where they can change the values of the tickets and warrants the person has.

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